Please note the following: this is most likely a one time thing, but please, just realize how ecstatic I am!

This evening, at 7:36pm, I got on google and just happened to scan my favorites bar at the top of the screen, and what did I see? “Wordjunkie” in all its glory. I thought to myself for a minute. I said goodbye to this blog, do I even deserve to see if its still alive? Do I even deserve to click that link? I told myself, probably not. I couldn’t even remember if I’d deleted this blog or not! What kind of person am I?!

But I decided to be just a little selfish, and click on the link. And WHAT?! I didn’t delete it, every piece of content that I shared with the world is still here, and all of my amazing followers as well!

And that made me happy. It made me excited.

Now, granted, I still don’t deserve this blog, or any of its followers. I was very inconstant, unloyal and extremely bad at following through.

I’ll be starting a new blog and starting over. I love blogging, and I think that it could be a part of my future in a big way.

Now, all that being said, I’m not going to leave a link to my new blog. I don’t deserve to ask any of you to follow me. If you really think you want to, you’re welcome to email me, but I don’t want to seem like I’m pressuring any of you to do it. My email won’t be up forever, so if you want to talk, don’t be shy.

My new blog will be different. I’ll post a much bigger variety of things, and I’m excited to. It’s going to be hard to get started though. This post has been typed out in record time, but I feel comfortable here. But even so, I won’t be coming back to Wordjunkie. This is an exclusive post, so please know it’s special to me. And I hope it’s special to all of you as well.

So long,

Wordjunkie xx