I’ve been debating whether or not to make this post, but I finally talked myself into it. The only problem I had was finding a name, as you can tell. So I just settled on The Post With No Name. Classy? Right.In this post I will be sharing some of my book: characters, paragraph/”sneak peeks”, and stuff like that.

I hope you enjoy!

We’ll start with my characters. I already had them figured out, but I like having a more visual of what they look like. So to Pinterest I go and find some pictures that look semi like my characters!


This is my MC. She is spunky while soft, caring and sometimes lonely. Give this girl (in the picture above) deep amber eyes and that’s her!


Can be immature but can be serious in times of need. Is funny, has a mysterious past and can get on your nerves.

I love him so much! He’s adorable and sweet and you just can’t help but love him and feel for him! Give this boy green eyes and he is Greg all over!

Bad attitude, crazy past, can make you mad but there’s a side that peaks through that you like. This picture is definitely her!

-Sneak peeks-

“Weeds climb up the banisters and a broken wind chime blows in the cool breeze, hitting a rusty hanging flower pot full of useless dirt and dead vines. It almost looks creepy against the gloomy background. I picture an old woman living here, watching her grandchildren play in the lush green lawn that’s now grown over with knee high weeds. The rain begins to come down harder, splashing in puddles, soaking our clothes. Lighting flashes overhead and thunder rumbles in the distance. We quicken our pace and hurry to the house, running up the porch steps and jumping over a small pile of glass from a busted front window.”

“Greg raises a small hand to rub his eyes and speaks through a yawn, ‘I don’t wanna walk anymore.’ I watch Andrew from the corner of my eye as we walk. I see the worry on his face, he looks tired. His eyes are constantly moving, scanning the fields, looking behind us. Always searching for any sign of movement. I pat Greg’s shoulder and ruffle his messy hair. ‘Hang tight, buddy. It won’t be much longer,’ I lie.”

“I wake to a pair of ice blue eyes staring down at me and I jolt upright, reaching for my gun. It’s not there. I look back to the person, fear curling in my stomach at the sight of her pale hand gripping my gun.”

I’m starting to write more often and more seriously now. My goal is 2000 words a day, and I do my best to get that done. Even though I wish my book was already finished when I started it last year, I’m glad that I put it off. I am more experienced in writing now and I have a better idea of what I want. 

I’m hoping to do more of “The Post With No Name”…maybe turn it into a mini series and share a little bit of my book every week or so with stuff like this! 

Please share your thoughts on my writing in the comments!

All the best,