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August 2016

The Subject Challenge story #2

Out of Sight

“Kendri, give me the ring.”

“No. I can’t. Not even if I wanted to. I promised, you know how those work here.” I took a step back, holding my hand that was bearing the silver diamond ring close to my chest.

Stanton rolled his eyes and gave me an annoyed look. “Fine, we’ll just go to the human world and you can give it to me there. They’re constantly breaking promises. Sound fair?”

“Not by a long shot.”

“Kendri, Kendri,” he chuckled, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “You are so naïve. What was Darwin thinking, trusting you with the ring?”

“Darwin trusts me because I’m honest and loyal. You, on the other hand, don’t even begin to understand the meaning of those words.”

“Understand? Oh I understand just fine. I just choose to trick and twist my words instead. Why follow through with promises when it’s so much easier – and funner, might I add, – to weave your words and watch the outcome, sitting back in the best seat in the house with a tequila and a taco and laugh at it all?”

I shake my head. I can’t take this nonsense anymore. Looking around at the shimmering walls, I put my fingers on the top of the diamond ring and look back at Stanton. His eyes widen and he quickly holds his hand out to me. “No, Kendri don’t. Give me the ring.”

“I will never give it to you,” I sneer.

I twist the diamond and give a sigh of relief at the safety of invisibility. I walk around Stanton, seeing what he will do now. He looks around, seeming lost and confused, I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered what kind of monster he is. I walk back by him, heading toward the hallway doors.

A chuckle comes from behind me. I turn and Stanton throws his head back, laughing hysterically.

Keennddrriii,” he turns in a slow circle, his gaze stopping right on mine. “I can see you.”

I stumble back, reaching for the door handle. He takes a step closer, holding up his hand and wiggling his fingers. I see something reflect in the chandeliers light.  A ring. This one a silver band with tiny diamonds dotted all the way around.

“How…?” I study the ring and his over-confident wicked grin.

“Thought you were the only one?” He shakes his head, “There is so much you don’t know, sweetheart. Now give me the ring.”

“No.” I take another step back.

His grin turns to a scowl and he walks toward me with a quick, determined stride. “Give it to me now!”

With fear churning in my stomach I turn and run down the hallway as fast as I can with only one thing to get me out of there.

I have to find Darwin. Whatever they did to him, wherever they’re keeping him, I have to find him. I have to find my brother.




Thank U <3

Wow, I had people follow me while I was gone! Thank you guys so much!! I only have 29 followers but I didn’t even expect to have that many! And you didn’t even know if I was going to post or if I was gone forever…sorry, this is cool for me.

You guys are awesome! Thanks bunches! 😀

The Subject Challenge

I found this on Fandomlover’s blog and thought I would try it! The rules are simple. You have a subject (in this case, diamonds) and you have to write three short stories using the subject, just make sure you stay on topic! I’ll share my first one this morning. 🙂 It’s not very good (I don’t think), I just typed it up really fast when I woke up lol. Anywho! Hope it’s interesting enough! Tell me what you think 🙂

Eyes of Clear

She studied herself in the reflection of the subway trains window. The air tasted of chemicals and she could feel the uncushioned seats with every bounce and jostle. She tried not to look around. Everyone was staring at her, she could feel their gazes burning into her.

What had they done to her back there?

She stared harder at the reflection of the little girl she used to be. Long blonde curls, soft chocolaty brown eyes, the cutest little freckles. So sweet and innocent, but now…now. Her gaze fell to her clasped hands. It would never be like it used to, no matter how much she wished upon a star or said pretty please.

She took a shaky breath and tasted the smoke, smelled the sweat. She wanted to gag. It was disgusting. Not much longer though, she was almost there. The breaks squealed and the train jerked slightly, slowing down. She let out a sigh of relief and straightened her small Sunday dress. It was her favorite because it matched her little dolly’s eyes. They were the same sky blue. The thought brought a small smile to her face.

An automatic whoosh brought her back to the present as people flooded from their seats, bumping into one another and shoving, trying to get out first. Probably away from her. She stayed in her seat, waiting. Once most of the seats and aisle was clear she looked beside her to the nicely dressed middle aged man sitting there and smiled, he smiled back. Standing, the man reached out his hand to the girl and she put her small palm in his and jumped to her feet, excitement filling her from head to toe. The man smiled and led her off the train with a small chuckle.

She skipped beside the man, curiously taking note of how out of place they were beside the people down here. The man led her up the stairs, brushing by people and she greedily took a breath of fresh air, feeling every smack of her dress shoes on the sidewalk. She caught a glimpse of herself in the window of a small shop and her mood instantly dampened. She remembered the heat, the needle, the pain…the diamond, very clearly. Too clearly. Chills went down her spine and she stepped closer to the man. She studied her eyes as they passed another shop window. No, not chocolatey brown anymore. Clear. Like diamonds. She slowed, falling behind slightly as a thought hit her, crushing every hope she had ever got herself to believe in. People bumped into her and nudged her out of the way, grumbling. The man stopped and looked down at her with concern.

“Anastasia, what’s wrong, my dear?”

Her grip loosened on the man’s hand and she took a small step back, looking him in the eyes. “Daddy, are we the bad guys?”

He sighed and his gaze fell to the concrete, his shoulders slumping with defeat.

A Single Petal

Wondering what that is? It’s my twisted beauty and the beast book! I’ve decided to call it A Single Petal (as of now). Now, I’ve only written a little more of it, not much, but I’ll share what I have! Thank you guys SO much for following me and being my friends! Y’all are all amazing! Enjoy 🙂

“Hello there,” I said to the squirrel. It scrambled down a branch, disappearing from sight.

A shadow fell over me. “Well, hello.”

Chapter Two    

My body jumped in fear and I screamed, lost my balance and tumbled from of the branches, landing on the ground in a heap. I scrambled to my feet, ignoring the pain in my shoulder. My cloak and satchel were hanging in the branches and the cold night air sent chill bumps up and down my arms. I looked from side to side, turning in circles, fear pulsing through my veins as I searched for the owner of the voice.

“Who – who are you?” I called into the darkness. My voice sounded weak to my own ears. It felt like the Forest was alive, almost like it was…breathing. “Where are you?”

No one answered. Then the Forest was oddly quite, like it was holding its breath. It’s just playing tricks on you, I told myself. It’s just messing with your mind.

But as I pulled my cloak from the branches, covering my shoulders, and setting my satchel over top of it, I couldn’t keep my mind from wondering to the mutts and what had killed them. And why?

I leaned against the tree, my eyes wide open, searching for anything that moved. I wasn’t going to be sleeping anymore. The moon was still high, surrounded my millions and millions of glittering stars, all of them winking at me teasingly, like they knew something I didn’t.


The bottom of my skirts were caked in dried mud. I’d trekked through ponds, mud, swamps, and yet, somehow, I still had both shoes. The sun beat down on my shoulders and I knew I was getting close to the edge of the Forest, otherwise it would still be dark and cold.

My once braided hair was hanging all in my face, strands here and there, only a small bit was still in the ribbon. I stop and undo it, throwing my long locks into a ball on top of my head and tied it best I could with the blue ribbon I’ve had sense I was a child. Shoving my cloak into my satchel, I continued walking towards the edge of the woods.

After some time passed I saw a road through the trees and I quickened my pace. I couldn’t wait to get out of the Forest and away from it messing with my head!

Pushing a branch out of my way, I stepped onto the dirt road and took a slow deep breath. Finally. Looking in both directions was an endless road as far as I could see, but after some thought I decided to go right. There had to be some houses set back off the road somewhere close by.

Or not. I had walked for what felt like hours on end, miles, of nothing but road. No travelers, no rabbits or birds, no houses or shacks, it was literally deserted. I sighed and wiped the sweat from my face. My hair was falling from its bun, strands sticking to my sweaty neck and shoulders. I had to of looked terrible, like an insane person. I was filthy. My dress and shoes were covered in mud, dirt was plastered to my sticky skin, and my hair looked like a rats nest. I’ll never get anyone to help me! If I even find anyone, that is.

Where in the world am I?

I looked around at the bent and crooked trees, the empty road, the grey sky, and a creepy feeling washed over me, sending a chill down my spine. My hand instinctively went to the vial and it suddenly became warm under my touch, it was almost…humming. I shook my head. It’s just the after effects of the Forest, Ella. I tried to tell myself but in the back of my mind I didn’t believe it. Trying to forget about it, I moved my hand away, the creepy feeling gone now, and continued my journey.

My foot caught on a rock and I stumbled slightly. My eye sight fuzzed in and out and I felt light headed, I realized how hungry I was, my throat was parched. I reached into my satchel to get some water but before I could I hit the ground and everything fuzzed out of focus, sluggishly turning into a black screen with white and yellow fireworks, and then they all stopped.

Dear Fandomlover,

You told me you missed me on my blog and I just so happened to get a chance to get on today. So this post is dedicated to you 😜 ok guys, I’m really sorry I practically disappeared off the face of the earth but I haven’t had time, and when I do I just don’t think about it. But here’s a post until next time! I finished The New Madrid Run, it was really good! I’m not reading anything right now sadly. Even though I have plenty to read! But that means I have to choose….and that’s hard to do. I have SO many books I want to read right now!!! (Obviously they’re not the ones I own because I’m not reading anything) so maybe I should say “so many books I want to BUY”, but of course that takes money…sigh

Ok….why don’t you guys comment some things you would like me to post about the next time I’m on here? Thanks! It can be more books, snippets I’ve shared, more art or just whatever, you kinda know what I like to post about so have fun!

So so so sorry if I’ve been nominated for any challenges!!! I’ll get on again when I can! Tata for now!

Oh, you’re welcome, Fandomlover 🙂

Thanks for letting me know you missed me!

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